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33 inka Codes für deine Veränderung

For the Incas, the entire universe, its secrets, energies and spiritual paths are kept in codes.

These codes are keys that open dimensions and energies that begin within ourselves and connect us to our heart and our purest energies and these in turn connect to the energies of the universe.

In this course you will learn and experience 33 sacred Incas codes, which are the basis of our evolution in the Andean world. Through these codes you will find the goals of your life and experience the depth of knowledge of the Inca shamans.

This course is aimed at all people who want to harmonize and change their life. Connect with the depths of your heart and with the sacred forces and energies of the universe. This course is suitable for beginners or advanced paqos who want to connect with larger and different energy sources.

These sacred codes are thousands of years old and are being openly shared for the first time. Before that, shamanes were only formed within the family in the Andes. These codex contain meditations, rituals, practical exercises for everyday life that you can integrate into your life.

The course is taught by two highly respected shamans, guardians of the wisdom of the Incas in Peru, Adolfo T´itto Kuntur, Inka Títo Qosnipa and Hampiq Paco (healer) Segismundo Zamora Florez. The course duration is six months, but we are sure this content will accompany you all.

  • Date : 30-08-2021
  • Time : 20:00 - 21:30 (UTC)
  • Reg. Deadline : 31-10-2021
  • Venue : Online Montags 3 x im Monat


Segismundo Zamora Florez

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